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Red Uniform Company Boots

Red Uniform Company Boots

Sku: REDU1
Mfg. ID: BX2-RED1
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MSRP: $664.29
only: $563.78
Product Description

Red Uniform CompanyThis is your URL to order this pair of boots pictured on the left Total price for boots is $349.00 for 10 or more pair. Initial $210.00 is for 60% deposit. The remaaining $139.00 will be due before shipping. The boots will be constructed the same as pictured but with six more eyelets to match the boot on the right. $50 shipping if ordering ten or more pair or customer will arrange their own shipping.These boots are made to your measurements after ordering. $349 price for 17 pair.

Total $399 per pair including freight, $349 without freight.

How to Measure Your Feet

Product Detail

When you are ready to place your order, please make sure your measurements are completed and your option choices made.

If you want the boot exactly like the picture with no changes do not make any selection below.

Please Review "How To Measure" your foot before completing this section

*** Please give all measurements in Centimeters ***

EU/US (Mens/Womens):
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Shoe Size:

Leather Offerings:


Boot Heel:

Boot Toes:

Boot Tops:


N1. Foot Length Toe-to-Heel Left:

N1. Foot Length Toe-to-Heel Right:

N2. Foot Width Ball Left:

N2. Foot Width Ball Right:

N3. Foot Width Waist Left:

N3. Foot Width Waist Right:

N4. Foot Width Instep Left:

N4. Foot Width Instep Right:

N5. Heel Length Left:

N5. Heel Length Right:

N6. Foot Width Heel Left:

N6. Foot Width Heel Right:

N7. Ball Left:

N7. Ball Right:

N8. Waist Left:

N8. Waist Right:

N9. Instep Left:

N9. Instep Right:

N10. Heel Left:

N10. Heel Right:

N11. Ankle Left:

N11. Ankle Right:

N12. Leg at 15 Centimeters Left:

N12. Leg at 15 centimeters Right:

N13. Leg at 20 centimeters Left:

N13. Leg at 20 centimeters Right:

N14. Leg at 25 centimeters Left:

N14. Leg at 25 centimeters Right:

N15. Leg at 30 centimeters Left:

N15. Leg at 30 centimeters Right:

N16. Top of Boot Left:

N16. Top of Boot Right:

N17. Calf Circumference Left:

N17. Calf Circumference Right:

N18. Height at Calf Left:

N18. Height at Calf Right:

N19. Boot Height Left:

N19. Boot Height Right:

N20. Top of Foot Left:

N20. Top of Foot Right:

N21. Leg at 35 centimeters Left:

N21. Leg at 35 centimeters Right:

N22. Leg at 40 centimeters Left:

N22. Leg at 40 centimeters Right:

N23. Leg at 45 centimeters Left:

N23. Leg at 45 centimeters Right:

N24. Leg at 50 centimeters Left:

N24. Leg at 50 centimeters Right:

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